Climb With Your Feet

The current event lists are from The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, Town Hall, Seattle Performs - more sources will be added in the near future.

The location management is an optional account that you can use to share your location with groups that you create or join. With it you can send and receive invitations and selectively share your location. *Note that your location information is used solely for your account, is not used for other purposes, and is stored securely.

The application is available on the Google Play market.

Acknowledgments: The Serendipity-Seattle application (including the HTML 5 web app): use APIs provided by Google MapKit, Google App Engine, Factual, Geocoder US, Google Places, and Echonest. Thanks to the makers of these APIs.

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Serendipity Seattle (Android app)
free Serendipity is an application that helps you find live music, theater and other events tuned to Seattle. With the application, you can also share your location with friends or colleagues if you choose to. Serendipity Seattle on the Android Market
Climb With Your Feet