Climb With Your Feet

  • Find events in cities with Cosmopolites, an iOS (and soon an Android) application. Cosmopolites can help you get there, meet up with your friends, find restaurants, share the information, and save all of it to a notebook to use later.
  • Events: Events from Seat Geek are presented in several ways, and are made searchable. You can save an event to your notebook and add it to the map as a marker.
  • Getting There: Use a saveable shortcut to search for public or private transportation. You can also save where your car is parked and see that as a map location.
  • Share: Share events with others using location based messages or your email or text messaging.
  • Notebook: Save events that you're interested in, transportation details and venue search results to a notebook to view later. You can also save events to your calendar.
  • Location: Register and use the location account to share location based messages with others. With the account you can create groups and invite others to join.
  • Acknowledgments: The applications use APIs provided by Google App Engine, Seat Geek, City Grid. Thanks to the makers of these APIs.
In Case of device loss:
You can change your password from here, preventing the application on the phone from accessing the group location data. (Note that re-log in is possible in version 4.1 of Cosmopolites, soon available in the Apple App Store).

Or you can delete the account completely:

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Cosmopolites (iOS app)
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Climb With Your Feet