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Find events in cities with Cosmopolites mobile app! Manage information such as getting there, finding your friends, finding restaurants, sharing the information, and saving it for use later. Choose a default city as a start out of the currently available which are Seattle and San Francisco.
Web Sample
A small part of Cosmopolites and Serendipity is available online here as HTML5 web apps: search biz, events, search events, and notebook.
(These use APIs provided by the google-proto-simple-stream-reader-writer project, the Sirikata project, Google Protocol Buffers, Google Places/Maps API.
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Serendipity - Seattle
is no longer a supported app.

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Cosmopolites (Android app)
Cosmopolites is a city-based event finder and information manager with social features. Cosmopolites at the Google Play Store
Climb With Your Feet